Landing on this planet, I chose a place called "Greece" as my homeland, because I liked its magic light and seas. I studied sea-bass psychology, human grimace geometry and laundry mathematics. I worked as a daydreamer, footpath designer and ridiculousness teacher for many years. Wish list: 1) Throw a party in a garden made of all the trees and flowers 2) Listen to every music there is 3) Take a tour of the beaches on the back of a dolphin.
publications: "Psychogios", "Papadopoulos", "Agyra", "Patakis", "Kedros", "Mikri Militos", "Ellinika Grammata", "Armos"
SCBWI Greece
NEOSET furniture company
MIKEDIS greetings cards company
ISTAME foundation
Hellenic School of Public Health
and more...

The book "Melpo the unique" has also been published in Taiwan, Korea and the USA ("Unique Monique")